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Rightsteps Recovery

Whether substance misuse has been highlighted as a result of screening programmes within the workplace, or has been disclosed by the employee themselves. Rightsteps Recovery assists in managing the associated risks connected with employees suffering from substance misuse including alcohol, prescription medication and illicit substances.  Whilst managing the negative effects of substance misuse which include:

    • Safety implications for employees and the wider general public.
    • Adverse effects on the employers company reputation.
    • Adverse effects on the employee and their colleagues.


Service Overview

Rightsteps Recovery supports employees struggling with low level substance misuse issues, whether it's alcohol, prescription medication or illicit substances (including legal highs). The programme provides specialist interventions working alongside both the employer and the employee to support individuals.

Our qualified Recovery Workers are trained in delivering structured psychological support to identify and change negative patterns of thought ('cognition') and behaviour, building problem-solving and coping strategies whilst working towards the reduction in misuse and/or supported recovery.

The service delivery is based on different intensities of intervention depending how the support is provided, each programme is specific to the needs of the employee, with the focus on a tiered level of provision that engages and supports employees suffering from substance misuse, assisting them in the reduction in misuse and/or supported recovery. By using distinctly different approaches, we  ensure employees benefit from the most appropriate service to their needs at the point of presentation.


What Makes Rightsteps Recovery Different?

Rightsteps Recovery's primary outcome is to facilitate the individual being supported to remain in work, or return to work as quickly as possible. In addition to the evidence based interventions that will be provided during the sessions with the Recovery Worker, employees will be actively encouraged to engage with external mutual aid provision, (such as Alcoholics Anonymous AA & Narcotics Anonymous NA) based in their area of residence. These networks help improve the social links of individuals, offering an important support mechanism for employees, allowing them to build upon their recovery capital.

This combined approach further supports employees, significantly improving the opportunity for long term, sustained recovery. By working with them to overcome the barriers preventing them from being able to access the most appropriate package of ongoing support, delivers positive results that make sense for employers and employees alike.

How does it work?

Rightsteps Recovery is delivered by and specialist substance misuse workers and BACP accredited practitioners skilled in using a range of interventions including Psychosocial Interventions (PSI) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The programme also uses an online self guided help tool to assist employees in achieving their individual goals.

1. An initial telephone assessment

This helps our team of Recovery Workers
understand the specific needs of the

2. Up to twelve 30 minute telephone
interventions are provided.

Tailored to meet the needs of the individual, these sessions allow a range of interventions to be utilised including access to online support which works in conjunction with the telephone support to challenge behaviours and unhelpful triggers, getting to the root of the individual's problems.

3. Aftercare is provided

Through individuals maintaining access to the online support service, additional follow ups with employees are maintained at 8, 12 and 26 weeks before they are discharged. This structured approach to follow up provides ongoing support for the employee ensuring they are fully supported in maintaining progress.

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