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Rightsteps Outplacement 


The Rightsteps Outplacement service is available to all employees within organisations undergoing transition programmes. Whether it is a single department or organisational wide restructure, Rightsteps can offer your employees the very highest levels of support.

Specifically aimed at minimising the negative effects that organisational change can have on employees, Rightsteps Outplacement builds employee resilience and improves their ability to cope with the stresses that restructuring can bring.

Service Overview

Delivered as telephone based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions, the programme focuses on minimising the effects that redundancy situations can create, through the use of telephone support sessions accompanied by the use of guided self help the programme provides targeted support to employees when they need it the most.


We Differ From Many Other Outplacement Providers

As Rightsteps are experts in Mental Health and Employment, we differ from many other outplacement providers. Our experience means we understand the needs of each employee will be different. Each employee will require an individually tailored approach in making lifestyle changes and developing coping strategies which will support them through periods of uncertainty. Support, which if provided in a timely fashion, can facilitate positive engagement during periods of transition which benefit both the employer and employee.



Areas of support offered

    • Emotional support and counselling
    • Employment history review, assessing skills, experience etc
    • Exploration of career options
    • Support in making informed decisions about next role
    • Development of career action plans
    • Improving confidence and interview techniques
    • Creating CVs, covering letters, application forms etc

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