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Rightsteps Awareness


Training Your Team

Rightsteps Awareness offers a range of bespoke training packages, targeted at managers and staff within your organisation. Each of the courses is designed to specifically increase awareness of issues relating to mental health and substance misuse within the workplace.

The combined approach of supporting your managers and staff in building their awareness of mental health and substance misuse issues in the workplace ensures confidence is gained in identifying and responding to staff facing these issues, making referrals into the Rightsteps Wellbeing and Recovery programmes (where appropriate) quickly and effectively.  Developing the necessary skills associated with engaging with staff requiring support improves the chances of reducing presenteeism in the workplace, minimising the impacts that potential absenteeism can have.

Training Options

Rightsteps Awareness provides a range of training options to increase understanding of mental health and substance misuse and the impact it can have in the workplace.  Sessions are developed in conjunction with employers to tailor content, this ensures all training delivered is specific to the internal policies and procedures within the organisation, making for a more effective and lasting level of understanding for session attendees.  

With the risks associated in managing employees with mental health and substance misuse issues, ensuring management teams are able to respond appropriately to these demands is critical. All courses are designed for group sizes of up to 15 delegates and include key topics of:

Option 1 - Introduction to Mental Health - Half Day, (3 hour session)

Option 2 - Introduction to Substance Misuse - Half Day, (3 hour session)

Option 3 - Mental Health in the Workplace - Full Day

Option 4 - Mental Health First Aid - 2 Day

These courses provide managers and supervisors with an introduction to mental health and substance misuse related issues, including how to identify and respond to these issues in the workplace.

Option 5 - Stress Awareness - Half Day, (3 hour session) -

Targeted at front line staff, the session focuses on improving staff understanding stress; including identifying individual triggers and how to combat these in everyday life through the development of coping strategies.

Does your organisation have a particular training requirement? Contact Rightsteps to discuss how we can support you in developing bespoke training programmes.

Training Programme

Our approach is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and include core specific training on developing a greater awareness of conditions including stress, anxiety and depression (the most common mental health conditions) and substance misuse issues.

The sessions build on the following key area's helping managers to increase their understanding of:

The effects on businesses and individuals these common problems present.

How to recognise and respond to signs and symptoms in the workplace.

Legal responsibilities in relation to health and wellbeing.

The support available from:

    1. HR / Occupational Health departments.
    2. The Rightsteps programmes and how these can support them in managing an individual with mental health or substance misuse related issues. 

Our team will work with you to develop a future wellbeing strategy that meets the demands of your organisation and reflects the needs of your employees.

To find out more about our wellbeing audits or to talk to us about your requirements contact us.