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Reducing Absence &

Rightsteps begins from the principle that no two employees will need the same approach in making lifestyle changes and developing coping strategies that keep your business running by tackling presenteeism and maintain employee attendance within the working environment where previously non-attendance would have been the most likely result.

Improving Employee Health 

Did you know:

    1. Stress related illness accounts for the largest category of employee sickness.
    2. 20% of long term absence is caused by stress related mental health.
    3. 17 million working days are lost per annum because of alcohol related sickness.
    4. Absence costs UK business in the region of £1,000 per employee per annum.

Supporting Employers & Employees

Rightsteps provides invaluable specialist support for employees and employers when they need it most. From the point of initial referral, our Rightsteps practitioners will be on hand to provide support for the duration of the programme and beyond.


How we help employers

Rightsteps is dedicated to providing UK businesses access to a range of employee wellbeing services aimed at minimising absence and improving the productivity of staff teams.

Working collaboratively with both the employer and employees ensures that the emphasis of the programmes delivered focus on a unique blend of business productivity and employee health.

All of our services are available on a non-contracted basis, ensuring a cost effective solution for your business. What ever the needs of the employer, we offer a range of programmes and support.

Whether it's assistance in managing employees with:

Or organisational development through:

We understand employers needs for improving workplace wellbeing vary hugely. If you have a specific need talk to us today on 0300 123 1530  

Rightsteps services are delivered by Turning Point, one of the countries' leading health and social care organisations.Turning Point is a social enterprise, focused on improving lives and communities. Any surplus profit is used to provide the best services in the right locations for those that need most, across mental health, learning disability, substance misuse and employment. We've been working hard to support people for 50 years, with highly experienced teams providing exceptional care that delivers excellent value for money. We offer multiple services and we are experts highly skilled in helping people with the most complex needs.