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How much is mental health related employee absence costing your organisation

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Cost attributable for each day: Average of £78.28 according to CIPD annual survey 2013

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Rightsteps Wellbeing Employer's Guide


Rightsteps Wellbeing Employee's Guide



Tina’s Story

Tina was struggling at work, find out how a
referral to Rightsteps helped…


Rightsteps has developed it's range of services with the primary aim of keeping your business running and improving the ability of your workforce to cope with the daily stresses of working life.

How we help you save money

With Rightsteps services there are no contractual obligations or minimum usage requirements, so we'll help one employee or 100,000. We deliver all of our services on a unique cost effective, 'pay as you refer' pricing mechanism, so you only pay for the services when you use them; unlike other providers such as, Employee Assistant Providers (EAP's) and Occupational Health companies (OH), who typically charge on a "per head x number of employees" model; regardless of whether the service is used or not. 

From our own cost benefit analysis conducted, we have evidenced that for every £1 our customers spent on using the Rightsteps Wellbeing service, savings of an average £6.47 in occupational sick pay, and associated costs were achieved.

Our post treatment satisfaction survey saw clients rating our services 4.5/5 stars
 4.5 star rating

"Without this support I know I would have cascaded into further depression. I have discovered new strategies for helping myself to avoid and cope with life's stresses before they become insurmountable". Amanda (Client)

Here's what some of the companies we work with had to say:

"The customer service is nothing but outstanding" 

"Our employees felt supported and helped throughout"

"Rightsteps were very good with us, approachable and confidential"

"It is difficult to pick one superlative that best defines the importance of Rightssteps to our Academy. They are intrinsically part of our operation and have a very real desire to understand our core issues. This insight puts into motion excellent analysis and guidance to ensure our employees receive the very best possible care. Further still, their expertise has proven crucial in the development of our Healthcare Strategy for 2015.

Rightsteps are now firmly rooted as a key partner within our organisations. The speed of response from Rightsteps is also highly impressive. More often than not our employees are speaking to a Rightsteps specialist on the day a referral is made. We could ask for no more and in fact their delivery goes beyond expectation every time. Commercially they represent outstanding value for money. It feels as if is I am travelling First Class minus the price tag. Above everything else, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rightsteps. We simply could not do without them. I genuinely look forward to working with them for many years ahead".
- Paul Simpson Director of HR at Folkestone Academy

How we keep your business running 

By having the specialist support from Rightsteps, employers are minimising the risk of litigation and demonstrating the fulfilment of their social, and legal duty of care requirements to their employees; especially in cases of reasonable foreseeability.

As a result of employment tribunal rulings, employers need to ensure that their employees are supported appropriately, and not just signposted to an Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) provision, or to their general practitioner (GP). "The employer, where they are aware that an employee has a potential stress related health issue, has a responsibility to investigate the health of that employee rather than waiting for the employee to identify the problem".

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